How do I become myself? Tips and Insights

Tips and insights, to become aware of your ego and your true Self.

6,99 incl btw

In this Ebook the short pieces that Bindu posted on Social Media are bundled. Get insights into how your personality is formed and start looking at your ego. Why is it that you often don’t feel good enough? Or that you struggle in relationships? Perhaps you suffer from fear of commitment, fear of abandonnement, or codependency and want nothing more than inner peace.

Create awareness so that you can then take steps to heal the trauma’s you inflicted in your childhood. When you’re focused on the outside world, you make your happiness rely on external factors. Learn to see that happiness comes from within and that nothing and nobody can give it to you. How come you have negative beliefs and what does it have to do with the past?

Learn to see that you have an ego part in you, but you are not your ego. If you become a spectator, you will soon experience more inner peace and freedom.